You can not hide body fat from the camera… 

8 thoughts on “You can not hide body fat from the camera… ”

  1. This is very interesting information. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been struggling with my weight for some time now. It’s very frustrating. I, like you, lift weights. Do you do cardio? Where will you get your carb calories from? I used a phone app that said I should only consume 1400 calories a day. Maybe I’m not getting enough calories either. Something to think about.

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    1. I have mixed it up and tried upping cardio but always end up back at something like, 4 Weighted sessions and 3 cardio with weights a week.

      I am going to officially add in cardio days once i am allowed back the gym in a weeks time, 30 minutes every other day to mix it up and shock my metabolism!

      Carb calories, currently i am eating a whole lot of sweet potato. I am going to struggle to do strict pale and hit the carbs so i think i may allow myself some GF oats and Brown rice / Quinnoa maybe. I know that my body is ok with them so its worth a try or i will look like a sweet potato!

      I used a similar phone app, fitness pal? Mine told me 1200 calories, which i followed for about 5 years probably… it is quite scary that we just believe the app when evidently it doesn’t really know your body at all!!

      Its worth a try… i will keep my blogs updated with how it goes! Exciting time haha (CARB FOOD COMA COMMENCE) x

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      1. Oh good! I was going to say, girl, that doctor should not be encouraging you to lose ANYTHING! Also, I really enjoyed this post. I also do Myfitnesspal, and I always thought that 1200 calories was too few – especially when eating a healthy diet, that’s nothing!

        I’m interested to see a follow up post in 12 weeks :]


  2. Carbs contain glucose which is the body’s primary source of fuel. If you cut back on the carbs, which it sounds like you did, your body will feed off its reserves (stored fat). It seems you’ve reached the point where your body no longer believes it safe to feed off its reserves. Since your internal fuel sources are so low you need to supplement them with added fuel sources. Fruits & veggies are great for providing paleo friendly carbs but I also suggest items like lentils and ezekiel bread w/almond butter. Also, don’t feel guilty about eating non-paleo carbs. I recently heard Robb Wolf, author of the Paleo solution, say in an interview that he occasionally eats quinoa and ezekiel bread. Remember, the paleo diet tries to mimic the diet of ancient man and women…..but they only lived to be like 30 so don’t worry about a few modifications. I’d say follow your dietician and/or nutritionalist’s advice and embrace the carbs.


    1. Yes, well said! This is basically it. I have now got my body fat within a certain range that i need to play around with my intake, if not just for fat loss it is more for my well being as i was starting to feel the effects of it on my work, gym and home life which is never a good thing. I have been adding lentils and brown rice, i will have aloof into ezekiel bread, i have never heard of it! Thats some good advice as i do intend to live more than another 5 years, hopefully! I am learning to love carbs, the uses for sweet potato are unbelievable ha!

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