ITS MY BIRTHDAY, I will cry if I want to and eat PALEO if I want to!

7 thoughts on “ITS MY BIRTHDAY, I will cry if I want to and eat PALEO if I want to!”

    1. Thank you! I love it, mainly for the health side of things. From a weight loss side I am at a major plateau so I am struggling as I need to up my carbs to get the fat burning again.

      I have had to add in brown rice and oats to help with that as I need quick fix carb hits in my job.

      I see your 2 weeks in, give it time….the first 4 weeks are hard! I thought I was ill at first but it was my body withdrawing from all the chemicals I ate day to day!! X

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  1. Happy Birthday girllll!!! I’m gonna bookmark this for next time I’m in the UK. I’m gonna try to recreate that sea bass and whitebait haha because they look so good!!!!


  2. Happy Birthday!! Glad you had a fabulous time πŸ™‚ There are always people who seem to want to tempt you to eat things you aren’t really bothered by, I know there are plenty of them in my life! I love making cakes or meals for friends/family and seeing their faces once they’ve eaten and I tell them it was completely paleo/gluten free/dairy free etc… so satisfying when they think we deny ourselves! Xx


  3. Happy Birthday! Pardon my ignorance, but in that fish dish, do you eat the whole fish (including the eyes?) I never saw whole fish like that on a platter. It’s probably really healthy, I’ve heard, to eat the organs of animals. I’m kinda squeamish though. I never had the paleo cricket bars either.

    And speaking of side effects when not eating paleo, a nutritionist told me your body should be able to handle eating anything, paleo or not. In the beginning when I first went paleo almost a year ago, eating something non-paleo gave me an instant headache. Now that I’ve been paleo almost a year, I can eat non-paleo without adverse reaction. You might still be going through detox?


  4. Thanks for stopping by and do not be discouraged because Paleo way of eating gives plenty choices of truly nice cakes. When I started to develop recipes for our friend (she can’t have any grains, dairy or sugars, even more restrictive than Paleo), I thought nothing truly nice can be made. How wrong I was! And with only gluten free, I even do not consider it as a limitation. Anything can be made, and easy, too. Good luck with your chosen way of eating and enjoy it!

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