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  1. Hi Beth, since you are more seasoned in the paleo world than I am I was hoping you could help me out. It seems like I’m hungry all the time. Even after I eat a good meal, an hour later, I feel like I haven’t eaten. I’ve tried eating nuts but not feeling like I’m digesting them very well. What could I be doing wrong? Any tips?
    Thanks, Donna:0)


    1. I think the best way I combat this is by eating 5/6 times a day. I found that from when I really got into the stride of Paleo that my body began processing food quicker, hence the hunger!

      So now I have breakfast / mid morning snack / lunch/ afternoon snack / post gym smoothie / dinner.

      You have to be prepared for that or you constantly feel like you are looking for your next meal!

      I don’t tend to eat nuts solo but within a bar, I posted a recipie the other day of my handbag essential emergency bar! A little bit of this seems to get me through the longest afternoons with a green tea!

      Do you think you are getting enough Carbs in via veg? Sometimes paleo can be a bit restrictive and the reduction in carbs can be hard on your body! X


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